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Riley's Asphalt

When it comes to asphalt paving and maintenance, choose a company you can trust - one with the experience to handle any job. As a full-service, family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to provide quality work on projects of any size.

We are locally owned and operated, so we care about our reputation and building lasting relationships in this community. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations by providing the best value on all your asphalt needs, from paving driveways and parking lots to sealcoating and repairs. With two generations serving this area, we understand how to serve our neighbors best.

For paving done right, choose the company with the know-how to get the job done right the first time - when looking for an experienced Castle Rock Paving Company, choose Riley’s Asphalt because our name is on every job we do.

A freshly paved asphalt driveway leading to a modern house with stone and dark siding, set against a clear blue sky with pine trees

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Frequently asked questions

How thick should an asphalt driveway be?
The standard asphalt driveway design for the Front Range is 2-3 inches of asphalt over 4-6 inches of crushed aggregate base. With expansive clay soils, we may need to increase the base depth. This provides extra stability and reduces cracking and shifting over time. Following these recommendations can help ensure a durable driveway in areas with highly active clays.
Are there other options for a driveway? 
A majority of the driveways we install are asphalt. However, we do install gravel driveways and asphalt milling driveways. Both options are typically more affordable than asphalt and are a great fit if you have a long country drive.
Do you use coal tar sealers?
We primarily use asphalt emulsion coatings because they are readily available and more user-friendly. However, in certain circumstances, we will use coal tar sealers.
Are you insured? 
Yes, we carry the appropriate insurance and are more than happy to provide proof of insurance. Additionally, we have workers' compensation insurance to protect you and our employees.
What Industries do you work with?
We cover almost all industries. We have helped HOAs, retail stores, restaurants, churches, and more with commercial paving and asphalt maintenance needs.
How thick should a asphalt parking lot be? 
the expected traffic and loads. We typically recommend 3-4 inches of asphalt over a 6 inch aggregate base for light-duty lots. For heavy-duty lots with larger vehicles like trash trucks or semi-trailers, the asphalt layer should increase to 6-8 inches with up to a 10-inch base. The goal is to ensure the paving can withstand the anticipated traffic volumes and weights without premature failure. Proper asphalt and base thicknesses are crucial for commercial lots to deliver long-term durability and return on investment. Our experience with commercial paving allows us to tailor the specifications to the unique needs of each project.
How many accessible stalls do I need?
Colorado follows the current ADA regulations regarding parking lots. The size of your parking lot will dictate the number of accessible stalls you will need. We are more than happy to help you navigate parking lot ADA regulations
What cities do you service?

We primarily service Castle Rock east to Kiowa. Additionally, we service southern Denver to the northern Colorado Springs.

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